Mission & Vision


Safe & Clean Internet with our technology!
SOOSAN INT cares about social responsibility, and our philosophy is not only to make a profit for the company, but to contribute to a better society through the technology we produce


A Value Creator for ISPs
With Device Authentication Service, we’ve made a new value creation platform for ISPs that combines our expertise and packet filtering know-how for a real value-add.

Global Security Solution Provider
With 18 years of experience in the SWG security solution industry in Korea, we are recognized for excellent technology and products. Soosan INT will continue to innovate and develop new technology to become the global standard in security solutions.


We endeavor to be an active competitor. To continue to grow, we will understand our competition. In order to continue to enhance our competitiveness, we’re embracing the philosophies below.

Distinctive, Competitive Business
We create distinct technology with R&D investment and patent management to build a cutting-edge business model.
We strive for a corporate culture of communication and cooperation
We seek cooperation and a unified course without any boundaries.
We are building our work environment based on collective intelligence and creativity.

DNA of innovation and challenge
We do not settle for the present.
We read the trend, look to the future, innovate and challenge.
We secure the future through the innovation of technology and business.