Data Leakage Protect

Solution Outline

eRed Virtual Shield S1 is the first security solution in Korea to apply virtualization for data security. It has PS (“protect storage”) to protect important information from malicious code and hacker intrusions. A hypervisor virtualization layer is placed between the hardware and user OS to protect data without affecting the OS.
Users can even moving confidential data from PC to PC via the network or USB.


Inconvenient to use documents because it requires the encryption management solution to be installed.
Lower work productivity due to the PC memory overhead.
Even with encrypted files, it is possible to leak data by decrypting the files after they’ve been leaked.

Venerable to network errors, malicious code, hacking, etc.
Physical network separation is costly and is still vulnerable to hacking.

eRed Virtual Shield S1

Controls and manages the network and provides PS (Protect Storage) to completely block routes of data loss and entry points for hackers.
Using TPM encryption, decryption is impossible even if the file or data is leaked.
Protect all data by controlling malware and hacker’s access to the OS by installing Virtual Shield between the hardware and OS.

Main Features

  • Authenticate user OS on Hypervisor
  • Authenticate a higher authority than existing OS
  • Completely protects confidential data even to from existing OS’s vunerablilities
  • Control/manage PS on web-based management page
  • Provide PS per user
  • 3 types of PS: USB/network/local disk)
  • When Integrity data user logs in using TPM based key
  • Integrity Data for user PC environment via authentication server
  • Encrypt/decrypt PS with the key based on TPM
  • switch and separate work environment by network policy
  • Provide logical network separation by network policy
  • Control all IO in all switched security parts
  • Easily manage policy/network/log in web-based management page
  • Control an access to unauthenticated storage
  • Increase work productivity by providing the policy management to share confidential documents

The Solution Offers

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    Enhanced Security Compliance

    eReD Virtual Shield S1 will protect completely; complying with stronger laws

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    Protect data completely with Protect Storage

    Switch between an internet and a work environment and use separate storage automatically when connected to PS.

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    Prevent hacking and data loss

    You will be safe from data loss and hacking by switching to the protected work environment.

Service Flow

Switches the work environment automatically when confidential data is accessed (Normal State ↔ Secure State)

Control/manage IO completely

    • Allow/Deny access to PS by user
    • Completely protect and control all work and documents in PS
    • Apply ROLL BACK when copying/pasting the file in PS
    • Completely protect against leaks from email/USB

eReD Virtual Shield S1 Structure

Solution Composition