ePrism SSL VA

What is ePrism SSL VA?

ePrism SSL VA is a single device that allows standard network security devices to respond to various threats hidden within encrypted traffic. ePrism SSL VA from SOOSAN INT is a dedicated SSL/TLS traffic analysis/blocking device.
ePrism SSL VA can be installed and connected to existing security devices without a need for changes. There are several models of the ePrism SSL VA that can be selected depending on network needs. Additionally, qualified bypass cards ensure network stability and the supported SSL acceleration card supports fast SSL processing.
ePrism SSL VA features a TST (TCP Session Transparency) decryption engine that monitors all ports transparently, without affecting network traffic. ePrism SSL VA not only selectively decrypts SSL traffic but also analyzes previously encrypted, hidden traffic through L7. In this age of encrypted traffic, ePrism SSL VA is the new, essential network device supporting session transparency (TST) for all network traffic.

Key Benefits

● Dedicated SSL/TLS decryption appliance
● Block message Pass through
● DPI based non-standard traffic analysis
● Compatible with existing security devices (DLP, SWG, IPS, ATP etc.)
● Automated certificate distribution
● Support DTZ (Decrypted Traffic Zone)

Lineup & Specifications 

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