Mobile Security

The Need for the Solution

As BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) at the workplace rapidly increases, the risk of mobile email being used as a path to leak data from enterprises and institutions is also on the rise.
ME.Guard provides email monitoring on mobile devices as well as malicious code prevention.


Mobile Email Data Loss Prevention

Can be used with any email system Includes convenient installation and UI

Detect malicious code in email and prevent it from spreading

Strengthen Mobile Email Security

  • Provides an exclusive email client
  • Strengthen security with a document sandbox
  • MDM features for email security – Detect jailbreak, prevent copy & paste
  • Prevent attachment files from being leaked- With a unique viewer
  • Detect malicious code and prevent it from spreading – Filtering for content and attachment files in advance
  • Added security through VPN tunneling – VPN tunneling between client and mail server

Respects Privacy

  • Selectively manage email
  • Selectively manage traffic for work related email
  • Manage to only use work related Email from Native/3rd party Email App

Expandability & Convenience for Clients

  • Apply to all types of email – Various system arrangements by clients
  • Block email based on policies – Set policies by departments or individuals