Web Security

The Need for the Solution

The use and scope of the internet is rapidly expanding and the threat landscape is changing just as quickly. While the benefits of the internet – immediacy, convenience, efficiency, necessity – clearly outweigh the downsides, the internal and external threat to business, is real. In addition, the internet can become a major distraction for employees and lead to a loss of work efficiency at best, or even a loss of critical business data.

eWalker Security V7 increases work efficiency by introducing systematic internet management with access controls for non-work related and malicious websites. Prevent malicious code, adware, and viruses before they reach your network by managing an access to unauthorized websites.

eWalker Security V7 increases work efficiency and helps to ensure network security and stability.

Security Solution

+ Completed the NIS security review process and acquired CC certification – eWalker security V6
+ Completed Information Security Evaluation
+ Selectively block malicious websites, P2P, messenger apps, web hard, etc.
+ Monitor internet use in real-time
+ Various types of reports on internet use
+ Efficient and stable system environment based on X64
+ Monitor email/messenger content and attachment files (eWalker V7M)

+ All-in-one hardware appliance, tested for performance and stability

+ System OS : Windows Server 2008 R2 (64bit)
+ DBMS : SQL Server 2008 R2 (64bit)
+ Packet Monitoring: Port Mirror method

+ Block non-work related websites and pornographic websites
+ Block data transfer via P2P program such as Torrent, eDonkey, etc.
+ Monitor the target in real-time
+ Block URLs by keywords and set blocking exceptions
+ Manage the size of each category for HTTP method
+ Manage remotely and block service category
+ Insert descriptions when adding a user-defined URL
+ Selectively block HTTPS traffic via DNS method
+ Expiration dates can be set for objects/groups
+ Selectively add multiple object groups
+ Support integrity for log
+ Certificate hash for update file when updating the URL DB

+ Monitor server status (CPU, Memory, HDD, Traffic)
+ Delete objects automatically via customized scheduling
+ Manage server access and DB save events
+ Send a notification when an error occurs (via Free SMS or Email)

The Effect of the Solution

Take a systematic approach to the management of corporate internet access by blocking malicious websites using eWalker. Expect the burden on the network to decrease, costs for IT infrastructure (normally rapidly increasing) to be reduced, and a roughly 30% increase* in network speed.

By introducing an Internet management solution, you can manage access systematically and prevent data loss before it occurs.

Introduce an Internet management solution to strengthen Internet access

Continuity of work
Increase efficiency

Increase management efficiency by applying policies to the entire company
Increase security efficiency by strengthening the corporate security

Protect critical systems
Prevent data loss and protect critical systems

Prevent data loss caused by malware by blocking malicious website
Prevent system theft and system destruction

Prevent risks
Prevent security issues and improve the response to risk

Reduce the risk of overloading firewall IPS, etc.
by creating a filtering system to block malicious websites

User Satisfaction
Secure reliability and stability

Ensure the reliability of IT services with a more stable internet service
User satisfaction increases by strengthening network security

The Need for the Solution

“50% of cyber attacks are encrypted and 80% of APT attacks are encrypted. Only 20% of security appliances perform SSL decryption.”
“Despite the fact that many businesses prevent various threats to their network using security appliances, they are often still vulnerable to attacks via SSL.”


  • Log and Manage SSL/HTTPS Traffic

    Decrypts SSL traffic by monitoring packets and manages access using user-configurable conditions such as IP/URL/user information.

  • Sync Software via ICAP

    Syncs with 3rd party S/W using ICAP (Internet Content Adaptation Protocol)

  • Monitor in Real-time

    View system operation status, CPU,RAM,HDD, traffic, event, and the block/access log information in real-time on the dashboard.

  • English/Korean Versions

    Complete English and Korean language packs.

  • Configurable Block Page

    Configurable message to be displayed to users when access to a website is blocked.

  • Pre-Configured Reports

    Various formats of accessed/blocked reports are available for reviewing internet use history

+ Block site access by category
+ Block access by keyword
+ Block access by country
+ Block HTTP, IM, and FTP file transfers
+ Block torrent
+ Universal P2P blocking for services such as Donkey, eDongkey, and Purna
+ Block UltraSurf bypass
+ Block HTTP Proxy
+ Block direct IP address connection bypass
+ Controls for allowed Google services
+ Block by protocol – Telnet, SMTP, etc
+ Block web mail services such as Naver, Next, Nate, etc.
+ Block the sending or receiving of email
+ Block security brokerage or trading homepages
+ Block HTS (proxy connection) bypass
+ Block malicious code
+ Block broadcasting and communication websites
+ Detect internal wired or wireless internal networks (find devices behind a NAT)
+ Block, allow, or bypass by a specific site
+ Https traffic decryption
+ Individually block Gmail sending and/or receiving
+ Display a message when blocking HTTPs sites
+ Includes management UI for blocking policies and site access history including HTTPs sites

+ Set the timeframe for blocking sites (30 minute increments)
+ Block by specific user or department
+ Blocked sites DB auto update cycle
+ Country, category and IP information provided
+ Administrator specific console
+ Blocked site DB list with a URL DB and full URL check feature
+ Object management through separate groupings
+ Real-time monitoring and traffic status
+ User category settings and explanations
+ Individual access settings and management for device managers
+ log forgery prevention (log security features)
+ Login failure notification features (lock user ID after 5 password failures and notify management via SMS)
+ Real time dashboard (check real time traffic and server info)
+ Records configuration changes
+ Settings backup and restore

+ Statistics reports provided
+ Blocked exception policy history
+ Blocked exception access history
+ File transmission history by website
+ User, category, and access URL report
+ Report can be output in CSV, EXCEL, or MS Word format + Report of connections by country
+ Provides a real-time dashboard function (real-time traffic information, server status, etc.)
+ Notification via e-mail or SMS when an event occurs
+ It is possible to export a specific log list through search to Excel, csv, or PDF

+ Able to search various logs with customized condition/multiple options for search
+ descriptions for each feature at the right side of management webpage
+ Event log that may occur from product
+ 3 installation methods (Explicit, Transparent, WCCP Transparent)
+ Synchronization with other software using ICAP protocol
+ Provide NAT application and non-application feature
+ Multi-engine synchronization
+ Setting for decrypt selectively for encrypted traffic
+ Block file uploading with POST SIZE management of HTTPS site
+ Block sent/received HTTPS mail selectively
+ Configuration and Error analyzation via status log
+ Create and manage private certificate

Product Architecture

  • eWalker SSL is a Management Web Server, Agent, and Proxy configured using a DBMS
  • Supports connections with 3rd party solutions via ICAP

Product Composition Plan