DLP Solution

The No.1 data leakage protection solution in Korea to completely block the main paths of data leaks.

eRed Virtual Shield S1
Prevent data loss through virtualization technology.
eWalker V7M
Monitor email, a major path to leak confidential data, or block it completely.
Protect mobile email, another major path of data leaks coming from the BYOD trend.

Data Leakage Protect Solution

SOOSAN INT’s Data Leakage Protection Solution monitors and stops data exfiltration and decreases the danger of data loss, allowing users peace of mind.
The Data Leakage Protect Solution meets threats originating from both inside and outside the company.

Data Loss Trends

As company data increasingly becomes a core asset, the cases of data loss are increasing as well.

01. The arch-enemy of security -- the ‘Insider’

58% of total security incidents are the inside threats

02. Security Gap caused by BYOD

BYOD has created a new security gap ‘mobile’

03. Increase of personal data leakage

The number of the hacks into personal data has increased about 6 times in 10 years (‘06~’15)

SOOSAN INT’s countermeasure

To counter these threats, Soosan INT has created a line of products for a data leakage protection including eReD S1, eWalker V7M, and ME.Guard.

01. Data Security using Virtualization with eRed Virtualshield S1

Threat actors are seeking to exfiltrate ‘confidential’ data from organizations – data that is an asset, not just any data. The goal of data security should be to protect sensitive data without hindering employees’ productivity.

Most malicious persons attempt to get costly data in order to extort money, so data loss can be prevented by raising the expense to obtain the data. DLP or DRM is sufficient to protect general data, because the expense for hackers is higher than the potential profit.

Confidential data, however, is worth several times what general data is worth, so the malicious person is willing to put up a higher effort and risk. To prevent loss, a more powerful security solution is needed.

eReD S1 prevents attacks by providing powerful security features to protect confidential data.

eReD S1 is only applied to confidential data, so it does not cause a loss of productivity in your work environment.

02. Email Monitoring with eWalker Security V7M

Data loss can be classified into two categories — ‘Intentional data loss’ and ‘Data loss due to hacking’.

‘Intentional data loss’ is where an employee leaks a company’s confidential data intentionally.
‘Data loss due to hacking’ is where the company’s confidential data is leaked without the company being aware of it. Regardless of the attack method, the main indicator of a security incident is email.

Both insiders and hackers use email as the main path for data leakage, so email security for preventing data loss is very important.

eWalker V7M monitors sent data, and blocks malicious incoming data to protect confidential data.

03. Mobile Email Management with ME.Guard’

As the use of mobile devices at the workplace is rapidly increasing, the risk of mobile email being used as a path to leak company data is also on the rise.

The existing wired email security products only support wired products, so they are vulnerable to data exfiltration via mobile email. To compensate for this, we have released ME.Guard.

ME.Guard provides email monitoring on mobile devices to prevent data loss. Critically, detection technology for attachment files helps prevent data loss by hacking.