ATP Solution

The only domestic ATP solution to block attacks by restricting the main advanced threat paths

Detection & Prevention
98.8% of attacks carried out through email and web applications.
ATP detects and blocks these attacks.
Advanced Reporting & Network Forensic
Includes a post incident management and attack analysis report for security managers.
Empowerment (Threat Intelligence)
Includes updates on malicious data by Soosan INT’s security research analysts for enhanced security.

ATP Solution

ATP is a solution that is combined with eWalker products to block APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) before they reach your network.
Enhance your company’s security with Soosan INT’s ATP solution!

The need for the ATP solution

An APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) is a high-tech cyber-attack which attempts to hack a network for a long period, targeting government institutions and public-private institutions with a specific purpose. APT attacks are on the rise; a response is needed.

01. Increase of high-tech cyber-attacks

Cyber attacks have been on the rise, and it’s estimated that 99% are supported by governments or large organizations.

02. Korea, a danger zone for APT attack

35% of domestic institutions are targeted by APT attacks. This is 2 times the international average and 3 times the rate in United States.

03. Ineffective response for APT

98.8% of APT attacks are propagated via the web and email. Firewalls and IPS/IDS are ineffective to prevent these attack paths.

SOOSAN INT’s ATP solution blocks the main APT attack vectors – malicious web content and email.
APT attacks have begun using encryption protocols, SSL/TLS, to hide malware and malicious code, causing a blind spot where existing security systems cannot detect malware.
SOOSAN INT’s ATP solution provides transparent decryption for SSL/TLS to prevent this security blind spot.

Countermeasures in the ATP solution

According to Lockheed Martin, APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) consists of  6 steps.
eWalker ATP detects the threat at malicious code propagation stage of APT, and blocks the possibility of an APT attack completely.

In 2016, ZeroFOX announced ‘Weaponizing Data Science for Social Engineering’ at Black Hat with a demonstration of an SNS phishing attack using artificial intelligence.
As people are replaced by AI to conduct attacks, the number of SNS phishing attacks and the range of damage are expected to increase.
The ATP solution distinguishes and blocks SNS phishing and malicious code from the web and in emails.
It also sorts and blocks applications such as web-hard – the main paths used to spread malicious code.
In 2011, N bank suffered an approximate loss of 8 billion dollars due to a server hack. The attack occurred due to a subcontractor who downloaded a movie from web-hard.

Advantages of SOOSAN INT’s ATP solution

01. No.1 technical skill

eWalker is the No.1 web security product in Korea with high detection rates and a massive DB of malicious URLs and data.

02. Reliability acknowledged by institutions

eWalker is already used by more than 900 public and private institutions. 85% of public Institutions in Korea are using eWalker now.

03. High quality of stability

eWalker is continuously updated and tested for performance and stability. Also, analysts are continuously enhancing the malicious data DB to improve detection.