Device Authentication Service

Service Introduction

SOOSAN INT’s Device Authentication Service is a joint business with Korea’s major ISPs. Device Authentication Service uses traffic filtering technology to manage the number of user devices on one internet line. With Device Authentication Service ISPs can generate additional revenue and offer new services.

SOOSAN INT was the first to offer a Device Authentication Service to detect the number of connected Devices. SOOSAN INT has been partnered with Korea’s major ISPs since 2005.

Service Features

Utilizes advanced detection technology via network filtering

Improves network access quality for high-speed internet subscribers

Provides multiple devices (PC) connections at low cost

Operates on a joint business model with ISPs

Service Architecture


Device Authentication Service

  • Has been used in partnership with 3 major Korean ISPs for more than 10 years
  • Additional high-speed Internet service for subscribers with multiple devices
  • SOOSAN INT is the exclusive supplier of a solution for managing additional service subscribers and detecting devices
  • Main Client Companies

Office Line Services

  • Internet service for small and medium-size companies to allow multiple devices to access high-speed Internet lines
  • Suggested for use in small and medium-sized companies where the cost of leasing a line is too high
  • Main Client Companies